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Changing Service Passwords (5.0 only)

There are 2 service accounts that the EPS system uses.  ProviderAgentAdmin and WorkflowEngineAdmin

These accounts are tracked in a few places, so changing their password can take a bit of doing.

  1. Change the password in AD on the account (in EPS OU, under Security Users and Groups)
  2. Stop the Workflow Engine and Provider Agent services on the Engine server.
  3. Update the password in those services
  4. Open the WorkflowEngineSetup.xml file in the Workflow Engine Folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\ExtendASP\EPS\Workflow Engine)
  5. Edit this file replacing the passwords.  If you used the ENcryption tool to encrypt the passwords, please get the new string from the tool and replace it here.
  6. Open the Scheduled Task Requests folder
  7. Edit each of the tasks in here changing the password
  8. Start the services
  9. Go to each server that has the Provider Agent installed on it.
  10. Stop the Provider agent service
  11. CHange the password on service
  12. start the service
  13. Go to the Front end web server
  14. Edit the Web.config file and change the passwords stored here.


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