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Importing SharePoint Sites


If you are looking how to import SharePoint sites for existing customers, here is how.


1)      Edit the export settings and set enabled=”false” for all services except SharePoint.

2)      Export the customer, but uncheck the importing of the groups, users, contacts and resource users in the UI before exporting

3)      Check the generated customer xml. This should only contain properties for the customer and the SharePoint service and sites.

4)      Import the customer


There are a few gotchas with this though that might need addressing during step 3 above.:


1)      The OU name in AD is used when importing for the customer code. If the ad object name is not the customer code then in step 3 you need to edit the customer code property before importing

2)      The following customer property values will be re-set:

a.       BUSINESS_SECTOR  gets set to STANDARD

b.      TRIAL_ACCOUNT gets set to false

c.       CONTACT_NAME, CONTACT_PHONE and CONTACT_EMAIL all get set to “”

3)      The available service plans are set to what’s in the export settings xml file

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