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Move Company to different Reseller

This is something that is not natively supported by our UI, but it is still possible to do.

We have written a Maintenance Stored Procedure that can do a basic customer move between resellers.



This Stored Procedure is called as follows:


DECLARE @CustomerCode             NVARCHAR(6) = 'CUST1'; --This is the customers customer code you want to move

DECLARE @NewResellerCode          NVARCHAR(6) = 'NEWRES'; --This is the new reseller code you want ot move the customer to

DECLARE @NewSignupDomain          NVARCHAR(256) = ''; --this is the reseller domain that is used for the siugnup domain for the new customer; This is the reseller that it is going to, and its their primary domain (or what users come into the control panel using - but its the TLD (top level domain) like


EXEC Maintenance.spCustomerMove @CustomerCode, @NewResellerCode, @NewSignupDomain;


 If you dont Backup your DB first, you will not be able to get support!


You must be on DB version 231 or later for this to work.  If you are not you will need to update.

1)      Manually move the customer in AD, using ADUC, from the old reseller OU to the new reseller OU


2)      Execute the above stored procedure making sure the input params have been changed to match your customer, reseller and reseller domain


There are some gotchas with this though:


1)      You cannot move a customer to a reseller in another location (another AD Forest)

2)      The reseller must have the same available plans as the customer is assigned otherwise the Web UI Errors out

3)      Always backup your db before executing.  If you do not backup your DB, we will not be able to support you.


Apart from that it’s pretty straight forward. Just execute that script above and the customer will be moved.

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