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Changing Service Passwords (V6)

There are three service accounts used by Iportalis in each domain (the top hosted location, any sub locations, and customer's adsync domains):




If you need to change the passwords for these accounts, you can change them directly in AD, or you can use the ion cloud engine config utility (C:\Program Files (x86)\ExtendASP\EPS\Ion Cloud Engine Config Utility). 

The changed passwords must also be updated in the ion management studio - right click the environment and choose edit environment - then update the password (if you have used the config utility, you can import credentials using the string from the config utility if you prefer)

You must perform a deployment after making these changes in the ion management console. 

If you are changing the passwords for the top hosted domain, you must also update the ioncloudengineuser password in the web config utility (C:\Program Files (x86)\ExtendASP\EPS\Web Site Config Utility) on each front end server. 

If you are using the exchange 2013 or 2016 services, you must also update the password set in the service in hosting administration - services and locations). 

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