All Rooms Address List has been deleted
Posted by Eric Hanig on 09 January 2014 07:45 PM


First we want to verify the Organization is Pointing to a deleted All Rooms Address List.  This can be viewed using the Exchange PowerShell.

Open Exchange Powershell and run “Get-OrganizationConfig”.
1.  Take note of the Organization Name(Most Likely "Hosting")
2.  Notice the ResourceAddresssLists Displays a DEL:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Now that we verified its broken lets fix it.  We'll start by creating a new All Rooms Address List using the Exchange Management Console.

Expand “Organization Configuration” then select “Mailbox”.  Once on “Mailbox”, select the “Address Lists” Tab in the Center Console.  Now on the Right hand side select ”New Address List”.

Use the following information to create the new “All Rooms” Address List.

1.       New Address List

2. Filter Settings

3. Conditions and Schedule tabs can be left to the default settings.  So you can Next through the rest of the Address List Creation.

Now that we have a new All Rooms Address List, we need attach it to the organization “Hosting”.  This Requires ADSIEdit.

1.       Open ADSIEdit and Connect to the Configuration Settings.

2.   Expand the Configuration until you are at the All Rooms Address List.  Go into the Properties of the All Rooms Address List and select the Distinguished Name field.  Edit this field and copy the information.  Then Cancel out of the Field.

3.  Now edit the properties of the Organization(Hosting), two steps up the tree.  In the Properties on the Organization, paste the All Rooms Distinguished name value into the MsExchResourceAddressLists property.

Once you have added the new list value, remove the existing list value pointing to the deleted list.

That should fix the issue.  Close out ADSIEdit and give it a few minutes to make sure the change took.

Using Get-OrganizationConfig will confirm that it is now seeing the address list correctly.

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