Entites DB Maintenance
Posted by Eric Hanig on 15 July 2015 10:01 AM

It is vital that you perform a monthly maintenance on your Entities DB.  Databases can become fragments and indexes can become out of date, and this can cause slow downs in the performance of the Entities DB.

The larger the DB, the more important it is to frequently maintain it.

MSDN Maintenance Plans:


MSDN Rebuild Index Task:


We also have built in Stored Procedures that you can run directly on the DB.  It will not cause your database to go offline.


EXEC Maintenance.spDatabaseIndexesRebuild 10;

EXEC Maintenance.spDatabaseIndexesReorganize 10;


Main Differences are:

Rebuild: Drops entire index and recreates it

Reorganize: Reorganized the leaf nodes of the index

10 is the minimum fragmentation level of an index that will be rebuilt.

Usually you want the fragmentation levels of indexes no more than 10.


  1. Use reorganize after large imports of data

  2. Use reorganise on a regular basis. Only use rebuild if the fragmentation > 50%


Larger databases the reorganize should be run weekly.

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