Knowledgebase: Installation Hot Fixes
Posted by Eric Hanig on 05 June 2014 07:25 AM

Here are the current hotfixes for version

Please Replace the existing files with these versions.


The locations of where they go are:



HostEPS/Admin/NewSearch.aspx.cs - Fixes issue where you could not right click on results

HostEPS/Admin/NewAdmin.aspx.cs  - fixes a bug where resellers could not see secondary pages in main view

HostEPS\UserControls\DynamicControls\EntityType\ResourceUserPanels\Exchange_2013_Service_ResourceUser.ascx.cs - fixes validation issue

HostEPS\UserControls\DynamicControls\EntityType\ResourceUserPanels\Exchange_2010_Service_ResourceUser.ascx.cs - fixes validation issue

HostEPS\UserControls\DynamicControls\EntityType\CustomerPanels\Exchange_2010_Service_Company.ascx.cs - fixes issue when changing plans from no Public folder to one with. It was not creating the PF

HostEPS\Home2\DefaultSL.aspx - this fixes an issue where it was checking for CRM, and could cause the main Silverlight page to crash the app pool

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