EPS Workflow Engine has failed product validation (5.0 Only)
Posted by Eric Hanig on 24 April 2014 07:27 AM

Due to a recent change in our IP scheme, you will need to change the following:


Open the following file on the back end engine server(s):  

C:\Program Files (x86)\ExtendASP\EPS\Workflow Engine Product Authentication\ExtendASP.EPS.ProductAuthentication.WindowsService.exe.config

In that file you will see the following:





<addkey="PrimaryAuthenticationServiceUrl" value=""></add>

<addkey="SecondaryAuthenticationServiceUrl" value=""></add>


Remove the duplicates as follows from the file (remove highlighted in Yellow above), so that it looks like below:



<add key="PrimaryAuthenticationServiceUrl" value=""></add>

<add key="SecondaryAuthenticationServiceUrl" value=""></add>

<add key="ClientGuid"value="f4ba8-6eba-4d0f-b25f-9b9eec11c302"></add>



Note: be sure to keep YOUR ClientGuid as the one in your file, just delete the extra 2 rows.

Important Note: This may also affect AD Sync engines, so please make sure those are up to date.

After that, restart the authentication service, and this should resolve your issue.  If this does not resolve your issue, try restarting all 4 services, and if that doesnt resolve it, contact support.



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