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Migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013
Posted by Eric Hanig on 06 March 2014 08:42 AM

These are the steps to do a migration bewteen 2010 and 2013, if the users are on the EPS system.


1. Modify Companies Address Book Policy - Change Offline Address book to 'EX13 Migration OAB'
Set-AddressBookPolicy "AIG ABP" -OfflineAddressBook "EX13 Migration OAB"

2. Delete the companies Offline Address Book
Remove-OfflineAddressBook "AIG OAL"

3. Create a new Offline address book
New-OfflineAddressBook -Name "AIG OAL" -AddressLists "AIG GAL"

4. Assign the Offline Address book to the companies Address book policy
Set-AddressBookPolicy "AIG ABP" -OfflineAddressBook "AIG OAL"

5. Delete the old object from LDP
a. On the domain controller open ldap
b. Press Connect
c. Press ok - Connection - bind - ok
d. View - tree - ok
e. Browse to company OU (in hosting ou)
i. Choose the OU above, Right click and clear output
ii. Then go back to the company ou and double click
f. From here you can see the 'otherwellknownobjects' section - this contains the entry for the offline address lists, including the guid
g. Copy and pasted the whole section into notepad++
h. Identify the whole guid of the offline address list all the way to the end of the domain (ie ends in dc=biz, don't need the semi colon)
i. Copy that section
j. In ldp right click on the ou and select 'modify'
Enter the attribute 'otherwellknownobjects' and in values paste the guid
[Machine generated alternative text: Modify X ON: OU=OA2,OU=OA,OU=Hosbng,DC=HostedU( Edit Entry Attribute: other WellKnownObjects Values: B: 32:D22DFCC 5673645E99E 16C9AD3D6 1F34 Operation

  1. Move the Mailboxes and data from 2010 to 2013 using the Microsoft standard practices
  2. Setup Pools and Plans in EPS for Exchange 2013
  3. Use the EPS Tool to migrate the users in EPS - this will tell our system which pools and plans the users are on when they are tagged as being on 2013.  There is a full document on how to do this in the Docs/Migration folder called EPS Migration Guide
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