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Extracting Billing data to external system
Posted by Eric Hanig on 11 February 2014 09:07 AM

If you need to pull billing data into an external billing system, this is a summary of the options that you have.

  1. Direct SQL pull (query) into from our database. This is where your external system queries the data it needs directly from SQL.
    1. The plus here is that its fast and fairly easy.
    2. The negative is that if the database changes, it will break this.
  2. Run a task in our system that will generate the data into a CSV file.
    1. This is a safe approach, as we can make sure if any change in SQL occurs, this will also change.
    2. It would create a file by default, but we can add code to push this data to another system.
  3. Use our API dll to extract the data. This would be done by the remote system.
    1. This is the safest approach as the DLL will always be up to date.
    2. More than likely the most work, but not that much more.


If you have additional questions, please let us know.

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