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Changing Plans and applying the changes
Posted by Eric Hanig on 14 January 2014 07:29 AM

When you change a plan in the UI, that change is not pushed to anyone.  Only new users, and users who change to that plan get the new settings.

This is done because even though you change a plan, you might not want older users to have that change.  It is also done because on our larger customers, this would time out the page trying to apply to so many users.

The way to apply the changes is to use the EPS Tool.  This tool was included with the zip file we sent you, and is in the Tools folder.

Be sure to configure the config file first, as it should look similar to the settings in your web.config.

Once the tool is running you can use the Restamp feature that is in the tool to restamp any plan on existing users.

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Sonali Jadhav
24 January 2014 05:16 AM
Hi, so it means that 1st we have to change plan assignment of the user to desired one in UI and then after using EPS tool you have to restamp so that changes are applied, am it getting it right?