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Adding new Home pages web site
Posted by Eric Hanig on 13 January 2014 05:42 AM

This details how to take a fully customized (or new) home pages web site (the reseller focused web site of the system), and add your own.

  1. Copy your new version of the web site into a new folder (call it anything, for example NewWeb)
  2. Add that folder to the HostEPS top level folder on the front end server.  This means that just below the HostEPS folder, you should see a folder called NewWeb (or what you called it)
  3. Log in as the Hosting Admin
  4. Go to the Hosting Admin page
  5. Click on Manage Collections
  6. Find the Supported Web Sites in the drop down list
  7. Add your own here, the Name is what will show to the reseller in the drop down list.  The collection key must be /NewWeb/ (replacing NewWeb with what ever you called the folder.  It is vital both / be included.
  8. Open a reseller info page
  9. Click on Branding
  10. CLick on the Branding Icon below
  11. In the Web Site drop down list, you now should see your new web site listed.  Select this and hit update.

If the new site doesnt show in the drop down list, it could be cached, on a 1 hour recycling cache.

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