Release Notes
Posted by Eric Hanig on 10 January 2014 10:13 AM

Release Notes



  1. Fixed AD Sync delete issue. Now if you delete a user on the remote AD, it will delete in EPS.

  2. Changed how the Mailbox permissions screen handles loading. Speed increase for large scale companies.

  3. Added DNS server support for File based DNS.

  4. Removed the requirement for Subscriber Access number in Lync/SfB. Moved the Subscriber access number from the company to the Domain subscribed service, where it really should have been.

  5. Fixed issue where there is a , (comma) in a user name, and AD name would not get the escape character.

  6. Fixed issue where the restamping of plans via the EPS Tool was reporting a failure, but it was actually succeeding.

  7. Fixed EPS Tool, to run on either engine server or web server. Also fixed UM 2013 migration.

  8. During an Import, members of a group might not be imported into the EPS system, this is now fixed.

  9. Adding a group to a mailbox with Send on Behalf rights was accidently disabled. Replace the following files on the front end web site server.


  1. Fixed the Khaki theme, and revised it to meet the new simplified colors. IMPORTANT: If you use the Khaki theme, and made changes to it, be sure to revise it from the new version. Everything has been simplified.

  2. Fixed issue with MessageLabs where on creation it could fail.

  3. Fixed a few screens that were hiding the error message when an error occurred.


  1. Fixed an issue where HTTPS connections are causing warnings about mixed mode.

  2. AD Sync fix

  3. Fixed an error in how mailbox permissions and change password, the following files are required to be replaced.

  4. There is an issue updating the SamAccountName

  5. Group mailbox permissions has an issue similar to the one previously fixed.

  6. A bug in setting prices for certain circumstances has been found and fixed.

  7. Showing and hiding the menu items was partially broken if you wanted to hide part of the menu items.



  1. Exchange 2016 – this version now supports Exchange 2016.

  2. Detail report revamp – we have revamped the Detail report to be faster. We are also in the process of moving it to all SQL.

  3. Skype for Business fixes – a variety of fixes for Skype for Business.

  4. EPS Tool fixes – fixed importing on the EPS tool, and added more scenarios for migration.


  1. Complete UI revamp – this version issues in a complete revamp of our UI. VERY IMPORTANT: If you have customized the UI for yourself or resellers, please contact us and we can tell you the fastest way to update for this UI change.

  2. Decouple from AD – the system now has a new service for all objects in the system, Active Directory Service. While this service existed before as an installed service, it now is a service on all objects (users, companies). This allows the ability to “decouple” from AD, so if you wanted to use Azure AD in the future.

  3. Fixed Archiving Size bug – There was a bug in the size list for Exchange Archiving if the archives were large.

  4. Fix Lync UM extension issue – Fixed issue where if the UM extension started with a 0, it would always error about the length.

  5. Added Lync 2010 to Skype for Business migration process – now you can migrate from Lync 2010 direct to Skype for business.

  6. Details report – Increased the speed of the Details report.


  1. CRM 2015 is now a support part of the system.

  2. Windows 10 and Edge – are now supported fully.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Billing system update in the last release had a bug that in certain circumstances would prevent a bill to process. Please test, as this this version has it has a fix for this.

  4. Index Rebuilding – the system will now automate the rebuilding of the important indexes in the Entities database. This will help with the speed of the system if you have not ever rebuilt the indexes manually.

  5. Entities DB – added many new speed increases that should speed most calls to the db.

  6. Resource mailboxes –now have All Request in Policy setting added to them as an option.

  7. Resource mailboxes – fixed a bug where the words for the All Book in Policy section were reversed.

  8. Spam Experts – various bugs were fixes with this service.

  9. EPS Tool – fixes for Skype for Business Migration section.


  1. Skype for Business is now a part of the system. We support all the features we had in Lync in Skype for Business.

  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Billing system has had a change. We now use a new version of our billing DLL. You MUST test billing once you have updated the system.

  3. EPS Tool now has the ability to migrate SharePoint 2010 to 2013, and Lync 2013 to Skype for Business. IMPORTANT: Please test this on a dummy company first.

  4. Fixed wording on Exchange Rooms, where it was showing wrong words for Booking Policies.

  5. Fixed Auditing so that it now shows the deletion events in the same screen.

  6. Updated the EPS Tool so that it can now mass change plans – this allows you to change all users from one plan to another plan.



  1. Audit info is now a part of the system. You can select almost any object in our system and view the audit info trail for that object, as well as track all changes made by a user.

  2. We have now removed almost all settings in the web.config file. There is a new tool (Web Config Utility) that you will run and it will set into the registry all of the settings. You will no longer have passwords and important info in the web config.

  3. Schedule Tasks are now able to do many new things.

    1. You can now schedule reports to be fired off on a timed basis to users emails addresses.

    2. You can also run a report and have it export to a file.

  4. There is a new setting on all Locations – Dedicated or Multi-Tenant. This will apply in the future if you are doing dedicated systems. This ONLY applies right now to Lync Enterprise 2013. If you set the location of a new Lync Enterprise install as Dedicated, it will handle how objects are stamped for Lync differently, the way a dedicated system should handle it.

  5. Streamlined new user signup, to 1 screen (with optional service screens).

  6. Fixed a bug where in Contacts, the suppress proxy flag was being ignored.

  7. Added enhanced settings for LHPv2 federation types.

  8. Added 5 new properties onto the Resource (room/Equipment)

  9. Added setting that resellers can allow Reseller CSR’s to view reports.

  10. Description field is now an optional field on the grid.

  11. Fix for removing user from Allusers group if free busy was turned on.

  12. Note: CRM 2015 will now show as a service, but it is not yet a released product in our system.


  1. Fixed a bug in the config utility that would escape characters in the OU. Now you select the OU, instead of typing it in.

  2. Fixed bug with nightly billing, where the async service might not trigger it.

  3. Fixed bug in Adsync where registry key was not set correctly.

  4. Added new Deployment form in the Studio.

  5. Changed how we handle both Tool tips, and the how we pop up the edit panel for all text. This change speed up all page loading.

  6. Change the Silverlight home page customization screen to the new UI.



  1. Fixed a bug where you could provision onto a deleted item.

  2. Speed increase in screens that allow double click to edit labels.

  3. Bug fixes for Lync when using the O365 integration.


  1. Launch of new Ion Engine. Read more online about the new features in Ion.

  2. New Multi-Select ability in grid. While you could Multi-select before, now you can select users and batch change services.

  3. New Lync features

    1. Ability to set DID (Line URI) numbers on a per company basis. This also changes the Line URI setting to a drop down list of those numbers, pull them out once assigned.

    2. Ability to specify Dial Plans and Voice Policies on a per company basis. This allows you to create a “pool” of dial plans and voice policies for that company.

  4. New ability to add generic services. This means that if you want to add a service to the system, say a Firewall service, this allows a customer to sign up for it, and when they do, it will email you. It also will allow you to bill monthly for that service.

  5. Ability to fully customize the New User email on a per reseller basis.

  6. Several New Reports – Plan subscribers, Pool item Usage, Reseller Company Admin List, User Role report

  7. Maintenance Mode is now a setting in the web.config file. This will bring users to a page that tells them the system is currently under maintenance.

  8. Support for Open-Xchange through Hostway

  9. Massive new feature added for Security and Scopes – read more about it at

  10. Main Admin grid page is now revamped. It now has many new options and features.

    1. Grid is now sortable and searchable

    2. We now show what services are on the user and company

    3. Options page allows you to decide what the grid will show

    4. Speed increase for the grid loading

    5. Ability to mass move users exchange stores from the main grid.

  11. Office 365 supported now! You can provision O365 through the Syndication partner Inty Cascade.

  12. Microsoft DNS servers are now support for DNS.

  13. Lync 2013 and LHPv2 are now able to interface to Office 365 for UM integration. On the Lync Org plan you can now turn on this which will create the policy and turn on the correct parts.

  14. Web site pages for resellers have been refactored and now show pricing correctly without the reseller needing to do anything.

  15. You can now import or export ANY Entity in our system. In addition, if you use the ManageEntity page, you can now edit any field of any entity in the page.

  16. We now have tools to create Managed Namespaces by reading a provider. In addition, we have a tool to help create a Namespace in a GUI.

  17. All translations are now in the SQL db instead of resx files. This means that if you have any hosterdefined settings, you will need to run our tool to import them.

  18. Fairly large billing fix

    1. Fixed issue with escape characters in the invoice template – they are now handled correctly. You might need to update your reseller and hoster stored invoice templates.

    2. Fixed issue where if the reseller forgot to add the invoice template to their branding, a blank invoice would show. Now it will use the hosters template if it doesn’t exist.

    3. Fixed an issue where if the Plan doesn’t have a translation set on it, the invoice line item would show partial blank line (where the plan name is). Now it will default to the plans default name.   (Requires all parts updated, including remote AD sync)

  1. Added SAP Afaria MDM as a new service we support.
  2. Fixed a bug when processing credit cards, if the reseller is set to use their own payment processor.
  3. Changed the way contacts work. Now you will be able to create a contact that has the target email as a proxy.
  4. Change reseller billing pages to new UI.   (Requires all parts updated, including remote AD sync)

  1. Simplified the UI, changing many screens with 2 panes, and changing them to 1 pane.
  2. Added ability to set the SIP address of the user.
  3. Fixed an issue that would occur with AD sync if the AD password policy conflicted with certain settings. It requires updating the AD dll password tracker. However, this only occurred once for a single user on a single system, so you may not need to update this.
  4. Fix a rare, but potentially major memory leak in some providers.
  5. New powerful feature in Entity management page. Now you can modify all settings of any entity object.   (Requires all parts updated, including remote AD sync)

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: The system has a new concept that has been added - Regions. Regions allow you to create multiple regions in the same AD forest. So if you have 1 forest that spans 2 or more data centers, you can assign plans to specify a region, so the user is created on servers in that data center. Please read our KB article for more details.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: We added a new payment processor, and in the process changed how we call payment processors. Please be sure to test carefully your payment processing after updating.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that the Windows Management Framework 3.0 is installed on your EPS Engine Server.

For Server 2012, use Framework 4.0

  1. New Payment processor is Etisalat (in Dubai)
  2. New reports are now a part of the system.
  3. CSV Importing has a few new features.
    1. Ability to Force Deprovision, Re-Provision, DB Deprovision, and DB Re-Provision
    2. Export can now export Status of entities.   (Requires Web site, Engine, AD Sync, Provider Agents, DB update)

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: With the last release we introduced a full change to how free busy was handled. This release changes it from a forced push to all customers, to an optional choice. You can either have no one get this change, all customers get the change, or choose on a company by company basis.   We recommend that unless your customers are asking for this, you don’t really need it. If you already deployed this and applied it to all customers, its important to set it in the Exchange service to All Customers.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: If you use our API, there has been a change in how our system works. We have added a new feature to the system, called Post Provisioning Tasks. These are tasks that can be fired off by other tasks to do jobs related to a provisioning task at a later date (or that moment). The difference between this and async tasks is that these are fired off from tasks. We have moved Free/Busy and Resource creation delay to these tasks. This may affect how your code calls into a few calls.
  3. Removed 3 indexes on the db that were slowing down our largest customers. Removal of these indexes actually speeds up the system.
  4. Ability to delete Applications is now in the system.
  5. Infoblox DNS service is now supported in the system. If you turn this on, it will auto set all DNS settings on an Infoblox system. We are going to be adding other DNS systems over time, with MS DNS next.
  6. Lync Users now has the ability set and store the UM extension field.
  7. You can now turn on Importing on a per reseller basis, allowing resellers to use the CSV import functionality.   (Requires Web site, Engine, AD Sync, Provider Agents, DB update)

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: We have slightly changed how plans work on reseller and company creation. Before, any plans that were assigned to the reseller were assigned to the company, and all global plans were assigned to the reseller on creation. Now, this has changed so that you can determine which plans are auto assigned on creation of both the reseller and company. If a plan has the check box set to auto assign, then if that plan is available, it will be assigned on creation. This means you MUST open all your plans, and make sure that those you want auto assigned are set (checked) to auto assign.
  2. Bug fix for moving Terminal Services from one pool to another.
  3. Free Busy is now Optional. You can set if globally all companies get this new Free\Busy, or on a company by company basis.
  4. MASSIVE change to the SQL for the system to increase speeds and reduce chances of deadlocks on large scale systems.
  5. We have blocked the ability to use & in the SIP, UPN, or password. This is due to a HORRIBLE bug in Lync that will cause the Lync database to become corrupted if any of those contain it. Once the bug is fixed my Microsoft we will allow it again.
  6. You can now delete applications.
  7. UM enable that is tied to a Lync plan, will now trigger 3 minutes after subscribing. This is due to a need for a delay in some cases if the mailbox has not yet fully setup on the system.
  8. Resellers can now be allowed to Import.   This can be set on the Reseller Subscribed service, as well as on a per reseller basis. (Requires Web site, Engine, AD Sync, Provider Agents)

  1. Important: We have added to AD Sync the ability to sync on different AD fields. So you can now sync on UPN, or CN, or other fields. This will require you to push to all AD sync engines.
  2. System Center R2 is now supported. We have not yet added the Networking parts, but we are working on that. Be sure to go into the System Center Service and change it to R2 in the drop down once you have updated to R2.
  3. McAfee no longer requires certificates, and this release removes that requirement
  4. McAfee now requires contact created per reseller, and we now do that.
  5. Resellers now have access to the Extra Monthly billing screen, to add items for the company.
  6. Resellers that are set to allow the system to bill for them now have access on the Billing page (invoice page) to the following:
    1. Create Invoice
    2. Modify Invoice
    3. Delete Invoice
    4. Export Invoice   (Requires Web site, Engine, AD Sync, Provider Agents)

  1. Important: Fix for a bug in AD Sync, if the CN (distinguished name) has a comma in the name, it would create an OU entry for each user with a comma in it.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: This version has changed how we handle Free/busy partitioning of tenants. This will now block all tenants from seeing any free busy of any other tenant. This will now create a new group under each company, and add users to it automatically. If you choose to force this on all companies in your system, you are required to open our EPS Tool (in the tools folder), and do the following:
    1. Open EPS Tool
    2. Click on Update tab
    3. Click on Update for all Resellers in the system. (Requires EPS update, Website update)

  1. Fix for a few OWA plan settings which were getting the Exchange default setting, and not those set in the plan.
  2. Fix for Dropdown lists that are dynamic, not showing the arrow for drop down after an item was selected.
  3. Fixed Moving of Mailbox stores (via pool screen), where it was ignoring Exchange 2013 pools.
  4. Fixed adding delegates to resources (issue was only on creation).
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